Caguan/Putumayo Development2019-05-31T10:12:51-06:00

Caguan/Putumayo Development

Capella is an undeveloped sleeping giant – ARROW holds 10%

Key Highlights

  • The 10% interest in the Ombu Block contains the Capella discovery, the most material and largest discovery in Colombia in the past 20+ years
  • Significant Capella discovery extended heavy oil trend from Venezuela to Ecuador
  • Opportunities for secondary recovery (thermal) to be evaluated, increasing potential recovery
  • Meaningful production volumes achieved in 2014
    • Field shut in March 2015 as a result of pricing and security issues
    • Intermittent production through 2016/17
  • Field currently producing 2,500 bbl/d (250 bbl/d net to ARROW)
  • Returned to production in early 2018 due to improved oil pricing