Asset Overview

 AssetBasinWINet Potential Production
1 - CoreTapirLlanos50%185ARROW
2 - CoreSanta Isabel (Oso Pardo)Middle Magdalena100%120ARROW
3 - CoreOmbuCaguan / Putumayo10%200Emerald Energy
4Los Picachos / MacayaCaguan / Putumayo38%-Hupecol
5COR-39Upper Magdalena100%-ARROW
6CanadaWCSB70%100Tourmaline Energy

Colombia: Again Open for Business

Favourable business landscape and a favourable political outlook
(pro-business government)

Colombian Oil & Gas Industry Dynamics

  • World commodity pricing exposure to higher Brent oil prices
  • Good access to infrastructure with spare pipeline capacity – no bottlenecks
  • Two port facilities in Caribbean provide ample export capacity
  • The Presidential election in 2018 has resulted in a government that is much more supportive of the oil and gas industry than the previous leadership.
  • Oil is Colombia’s largest net export article (to the U.S.) and represents an important contribution to the country’s GDP (20-25%)
  • Excellent fiscal terms (royalty/tax regime) introduced in 2003/2004 resulted in production nearly doubling to approximately 1.0 mmbbl/d by 2012
    • Royalties remain very attractive (8-14% on ARROW properties)